Litigation and Appeals


Business Disputes

Whether the owners of a company are having problems working together, or if there’s been a disagreement concerning the meaning of a contract or some other form of business dispute has developed, we help our clients understand their rights and their available options. We assist clients in resolving disputes and, where that’s not possible, represent them in any litigation that might develop.

Real Property Disputes

Questions as to the validity of a deed or mortgage, disputes regarding the location of a boundary line or fence, environmental matters and other issues affecting the ownership or use of land can lead to costly delays in the sale, financing or development of real estate. Delays can be not only costly but also emotionally draining for landowners. We help clients overcome these issues through a combination of thorough knowledge of the law applicable to title issues and a careful review of the documents and land records pertaining to a client’s case. Experience gained from representing both national title insurance companies and individual property owners in a wide variety of cases allows us to help our clients effectively and efficiently resolve any title issues they may face.

Civil Appeals

If you’ve had an unfavorable outcome in a lawsuit, we can help determine whether an appeal should be taken and what arguments are most likely to be successful. If you’ve secured a favorable outcome, but are faced with an appeal by the losing party, we can help to preserve your hard-won rights. We have experience in both state and federal court and can handle appeals independently or in conjunction with trial counsel. We invite inquiries both directly by clients and from members of the profession.